Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Dogs are better than Boys

No one wants to come out from their comfort zone, everyone stops his/her life in a fixed radius of circle and specially every boy (except very few) follow and give company to girls full day in college and making smiles on their चूतियापा non sense activities without any reason. If I told to a boy that I have some ideas and concept to share with you and discuss with you, lets collaborate and work for a change and want to make you friend, he has no time. They don't know, I can see a dog in their eyes and expressions, which is available inside them. If I told to a girl same thing above she's ego gets increased by some higher value and she thinks "cheap लड़का है, लाईन मार रहा है मुझपे।

इन चूतियों के साथ चूतियापा करो तभी खुश रहेंगे, काम की बात करो तो ऐसे देखेंगे जैसे हम मंगल ग्रह से आये हैं । पूरी #genration ही बर्वाद है।