Friday, April 26, 2013

My next short documentary - An Evening at The India Gate

1st Darbhanga International Film Festival, 02-03 Feb 2013

In Lucknow with Social Activist Sandeep Panday

Pioneers Salute to me

Journey to Kargil, Laddakh for 1st Kargil Film Festival, 16-23 May 2012

3rd India International Youth Film Festival, 24-25 March 2012

Journey to Goa & Mumbai, NSM, 12-17 Feb 2012

Media Coverage at 5th Ayodhya Film Festival 2011

5th Ayodhya Film Festival, 18-20 Dec 2011

on the set of short film Asha Hai Bachpan Ho Azad, at Gaya, Bihar, 20 June-05 July 2011

Shooting of short film A Dream, South Ex New Delhi, 24th March 2011

Shooting of Short Film - A Dream 13th Feb, 2011